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Emo Guys

Emo Guys. They are stylish, sweet, and mysterious. Or are they mean, oversensitive , and depressed. A lot of people think they know what emo guys are like. But the truth is that there are a lot of different personality types that join emo and emo itself is not even a clear term. But let¡¦s explore ¡§emo guys¡¨ anyway by hearing what the they themselves and their friends have to say. Perhaps, if we can¡¦t define ¡§emo boys¡¨ we can get a clearer sense of the variety and make sense of the patterns we see.

They are Deeper

¡§Exceedingly emotional, the Emo Boy is very artistic and expresses a great deal of his emotions through poetry, music or art. This species is very open with his feelings and will not hesitate to declare undying love to the object of his desire.¡¨

¡§They are deep and caring and dont care whether you are "cool" or not.¡¨

This might have some truth. A lot of boys relate to emo because of¡K well¡K the emotions and expressiveness. Therefore, these guys are probably more in touch with themselves, and thus, have more originality in their beliefs. Right brained individuals have many emo characteristics such as sensitivity, creativity, introversion, and deeper emotions.

Emo guys are Sweeter than normal guys

¡§im dating an emo boy and hes realy sweet but, they all have diff personalities¡¨

¡§GENERALLy in my opinion emo boys are better than
those preppy and hip hop guys..
They are Way more mature than those arrogant boys
and don't think they are coolest thing ever.

¡§they care and understand your feelings
and are generally more loving than other stereotypes
once they fall in love. ¡§

And Ive seen other stereotypes more loving and sweeter
than emos, Im talking generally and based on my opinion and exprience.¡¨

Like we discussed in Emo Love, emos tend to feel every emotion deeper because they are right brained, so it would be no surprise to hear that a lot of them are compassionate towards other people. Right brained people are in fact so compassionate, they often get involved in politics and activism.

Emo guys are Depressed, Overdramatic, and Mean

 ¡§This emo guy I¡¦m seeing is nic, but some of them are just plain a55holes¡¨

¡§They are too much drama. I once met an emo guy, and he acted like he was on his period. He was crying one minute, telling me how red hair was valued in the European gothic culture, then crying again. It was too much for me, but I guess that because I'm a sporty and a little bit nerdy (Just because I get straight A's, lol.) prep. =] But, I'm sure not every one is like that.¡¨

¡§ Emos come in all flavours. My friend is an emo but also an asshole.¡¨

¡§Just because they are "emo" doesnt mean they all have one personality just like every normal person they all have different personalitys. I know a few 'scene/emo' people and some are nice others are jerks, some shy others outgoing, coceited, and self consious.¡¨

 ¡§Okay....Emo guys make me SO mad!....They are cool and GREAT to hang out with and be around...but why do they think they can get you to do what they want by sayin' they're going to kill themselves because they're soooo depressed, when they KNOW and they know you KNOW they won't do it if they told somebody?!...¡¨

These people seem to try to stay neutral in their opinions that there are all sorts of emos out there, but they seem to also notice that there actually are depressed, overdramatic, and even mean emos out there.  Just like any other group of people, they seem to have their extremes ¡V good and bad. So why might emo boys be this way sometimes? Well, some music in emo is definitely about bitterness and depression. So it is going to attract those kind of people in naturally. 

But everyone has some angst, even positive people, and so a lot of people are going to be able to relate to emo and join. In addition, Emo music is also about a wide range of other emotions that people can relate to deeply, including positive emotions. So that is probably why there is so much variety. Because emo music is so strong about the emotions, you will get more people on average who are more extreme with their emotions.  On a side note, in terms of shyness, the traditional emo mindset is probably more shy because they spend a lot of time in their head exploring their feelings

Emo guys are really into their Looks

Isn¡¦t that a girl¡¦s dream come true? A boy who loves fashion. Not only would he look good next to your arm as a second self walking accessory, but he would also *gasp* go shopping with you?!  According to some insider sources and the obvious, this claim has a lot of truth to it. You have to be into your looks to be emo. The hair is left long and parted to one side, dyed black. Tight clothes are put on. Makeup is put on. Now if that isn¡¦t caring a lot about looks, I don¡¦t know what is. They pride themselves on the skinny look. And add to that, extra emotions¡K They are pretty much women! But to other girls, they are manlier and sexier than ever. I call it the Johnny Depp pirate effect. Go figure.

¡§Is it just me, or are emo boys really hot at the moment? That combination of funky clothes, super stylish hair and 'I don't give a damn' attitude is so cool, and I never knew how good a little kohl could look on a guy - intense!¡¨

¡§yesssss, i love the emo look.
and i love the tight jeans, and there hair.
=] imsingleeee ;] lol¡¨

Emo guys like to kiss ... other Emo guys

Search online about emo boys and you are bound to find images of them kissing or frolicking like it¡¦s an Abercrombie calendar. What is up with that and is there any truth to it? Take a look at the testimonials from people and even a bisexual emo himself.  

¡§i love them in some ways,,,the bad thing is when you see a really cute one and then you realize hes gay,,>:(..is so horrible,,but there kind of cute if there good emo guys not some lame guy that does not want to talk with you¡¨

¡§They're usually bi... but I think its because they (or maybe i should say we) have learned not to abide by society's rules. We prefer to be unorthodox.¡¨

¡§im emo and to answer that wuestion is because the emish subculture is more intuned and tolerant with their emotions. its alright to be sad and you know everyone hhas problems but its ok but yeah i mean im 15 and im bi but its just i don't know emo guys are hot and its just a way gay guys can act more gay. I mean im kinda bi i like to have fun more with a guy than a girl but yeah theres not that many emo girls bucase girls are ussualy always intuend with their emotions its just a matter of whjen is the right time to express them¡¨

¡§Most of the ones I've met are straight. Nobody chooses their sexuality, so I guess you could said we're all born the way that we are.¡¨

It seems that emo boys do tend to be more bisexual on average. This is probably because as some of the testimonies suggest, the emo culture is more accepting of bisexuality. In addition, gay or bisexual guys get to dress up real fancy as a part of the emo subculture¡K can a gay person ask for more? I think this myth is deemed plausible. I think there is a correlation... not a confirmation, but an extra tendency.


So what can we make of everything we just discussed? With fashion, deep emotions, and sensitivity, it looks like emo boys are dreams come true if they don¡¦t indulge in the other negative feelings.  In addition, with the variety of viewpoints,  it should get rid of the stereotype that there is such a thing as one type of emo boy. Instead, it should help you gain some insight into their subculture and appreciate the variety of so called emo guys.

With this in mind, I think it is okay to explore their commonalities because it is intriguing. Emo guys can be mysterious, gentle, and beautiful in their many expressions. Maybe it¡¦ll motivate you to go interact with them and see for yourself how they really are.

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