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Emo Girls

Emo girls. They are sexy, deep, and mysterious. Or are they fun, bubbly, and kind. Or perhaps they're whiny, needy, and full of drama? A lot of people think they know what emo girls are like. But the truth is that there are a lot of different personality types that join emo and emo itself is not even a clear term. But letˇ¦s explore ˇ§emo girlsˇ¨ anyway by hearing what the girls themselves and their friends have to say.  Perhaps, if we canˇ¦t define ˇ§emo girlsˇ¨ we can get a clearer sense of the variety and make sense of the patterns we see.

Some ˇ§emo girlsˇ¨ dress Flashy, some dress more Dark

ˇ§There's one uniting thread: emo girls are females who like the same style. They're diverse personality-wise. Everyone seems to think we all think we're being "unique" by dressing the same way, but seriously, we just like the style. There are woe-is-me emo kids, there are hyper-as-hell emo kids... approach it the same way you would any other girl but for the love of GOD don't refer to them as though they're an army of clones.ˇ¨

This girl seems to base emoˇ¦s definition entirely on fashion, So in that case, she is talking about Scene girls as we discussed in the ˇ§What Is Emoˇ¨. Traditional emos are actually more into the attitude and emo music. Scene girls go for fashion inspired by the emo look. So what do Scene girls look like and how can you tell them apart from emo girls? This is important to note because most people canˇ¦t tell the difference.  Here is what one girl noted down in her observations of both:

- Bright colors
- Ginormous hair
- Lots of colorful eye makeup
- Vans slip-ons
- Happy
- Colorful hair (Take for example the singer of Paramore, of which all those apply)
- Bandanas

It's like taking an emo and having Rainbow-Brite throw up on it.

- Dark colors
- Stripes
- Converse sneakers
- Quiet
- Darker hair colors
- Lots of eyeliner
- Studded belts
- More band merch
- Black nail-polish

- Skinny jeans
- Side bangs and/or straight across bangs
- Bows
- Dense amount of bracelets
- Various facial piercings
- Music

So scene girls typically have a more flamboyant way of dressing. They typically have more colorful, larger hair as well as more colorful clothing whereas Emo subculture girls tend to have flatter hair with more black colors all around. Of course, there is everywhere in between as well. One girl stated that she considered herself half emo and half normal.

Emo Girl


Scene Girl

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Emo Girls Pictures ˇ@

They look so Skinny

They tend to be skinnier for two main reasons. One, if you are more traditionally emo, you eat less to get that more frail look. Scene, being inspired by emo, borrows that tight fitting look which only skinnier girls can pull off well. Another reason is because emo and scene tend to be vegan or vegetarian, and like many vegetarians who donˇ¦t carefully plan their diet, they get skinnier, because it is harder to find a variety of food. But keep in mind the internet is mostly going to show you sexy emo and scene girls. There are heavier emo/scene girls out there. But overall, on average, scene girls tend to be skinnier.

Emo girls are so Fun, Bubbly, and they are Kind ...

ˇ§Well i tell you what, I've talked to girls who dress like that and some of them are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.ˇ¨

Commentary: They say the scene girls tend to be more like this. But even more traditional emo girls who are more introverted and shy can have this side come out of them with someone they can relate to and trust. Like we discussed in Emo Love section, emos tend to feel every emotion deeper because they are right brained, so it would be no surprise to hear that a lot of them are compassionate towards other people.

Emo girls are so Overdramatic, Shy, and Sad ˇV public perceive and personal experiences

From people who know emo girls:

ˇ§A lot of people donˇ¦t like emo girlsˇK. Like they are dramatic and defensive and whine a lot and needy.ˇ¨

ˇ§[About cutting]They do that because they let their anger out. I have never done that befoer but i have a lucky guess. I've seen alot of emo's do that.ˇ¨

There are some emos who are actually overdramatic and sad. Part of the emo culture does going beyond merely exploring feelings and into glamorizing bitterness and drama. So naturally, many people will join emo because they identify with the pain. But even if they do this, we need to have a more understanding attitude in order to help them. Read this section to see what some of them are going through.

On an even deeper level, if they donˇ¦t have heart breaking stories they can share, maybe they had experiences as children they canˇ¦t remember. The point is that everyone has a reason for the way they are, and it is our job to help, not put others down to make ourselves feel better.

In terms of shyness, the s traditional emo mindset is more introverted because they spend a lot of time in their head exploring their feelings. But even introverted people can be very social. Especially one on one with people they know, they can talk your ear off. But the difference is that when talking to multiple people, they can tire easily and need to recharge. As for scene girls, since they just like the fashion, they may be extroverted and be comfortable with being social without tire.

Emo girls tend to have more Personality and Depth

From someone who know emo girls:

ˇ§Iˇ¦ve dated a few emo girls and itˇ¦s great. I like [them]due to their attitudeˇK it's more emotionally deepˇ¨

This might have some truth. A lot of girls relate to emo because ofˇK wellˇK the emotions and expressiveness. Therefore, these girls are probably more in touch with themselves, and thus, have more originality in their beliefs.

Emo girls are Easy

Some peopleˇK especially guys wonder this question, because of the way these girls dress. After all, emo girls have a lot of makeup and wear tight fitting clothes with wild hair. Here is what emo girls and the general public has to say.

From Emo/Scene girls themselves:

ˇ§im scene, and im not slutty. i flirt alot, but thats just me and my personality. i dont generally find myself easy, actually quite the opposite! i need to have a great relationship with someone before i even dream about getting horizontal =]ˇ¨

From people who know emo girls:

ˇ§One of my best friends is scene. Shes not slutty at all. She is the most funny and coolest person to hangout with. Sadly, there are a lot of slutty girls, whether they are scene or not.ˇ¨

ˇ§A few of my friends (ok... 2) are scene/emo/goth, and well, not all of them are particularly slutty.ˇ¨

ˇ§Well I've dated a couple of scene girls (one of em' was REALLY scene) and they weren't slutty at all!ˇ¨

ˇ§I really hate to be stereotypical here, but I'm speaking from personal experience. I used to be a part of the emo/scene crowd and I found that most of the girls... how do I say this... they were "easy" to say in the nicest way. They seem to have an edge to them and guys maybe think or know that they can get with her easily.ˇ¨

I think from all of this, it is pretty clear that there is not much correlation since there are plenty of people to vouch for emo girls having a sense of value. About that last girlˇ¦s comment about them being easy, itˇ¦s possible that some girls into scene to get attention and sleep around more. In addition, there are plenty of self respecting girls who are not easy but choose to be more promiscuous. Either way, based on various testimonies, such ˇ§easyˇ¨ girls are probably a minority. So overall, it looks emo girls are not really any easier than normal girls.

Emo girls are somewhere in between all of these things

"my friends call me emo.. my bf is pretty well-rounded lol.. i guess it's more of personality for me rather than looks or what type of image the guy portrays... not all "emo" girls are the same.. i guess im more on the half emo half "normal" type of girl."

I think this shows that there is much more variety among girls than stereotypes suggest.  Itˇ¦s just like how some people are kinda agnostic as opposed to full on Atheist or Christian.


So what can we make of everything we just discussed? If anything, it should get rid of the stereotype that there is such a thing as one type of emo girl. Instead, it should help you gain some insight into their subculture and appreciate the variety of so called emo girls.

With this in mind, I think it is okay to explore their commonalities because it is intriguing. Emo girls can be mysterious, colorful, and beautiful in their many expressions. Maybe itˇ¦ll motivate you to go interact with them and see for yourself how they really are.

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